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Friday, March 30, 2012

fix no network access in windows

On a thousand and one sites, there is this problem of connecting
to the internet using any method and getting the connected
message, but still cannot access the internet.

I can't boast of not experiencing this problem before but
luckily, i was able to solve mine. This is how i solved mine.
I hope this will work for you too.

I use my phone as a modem. It used to connect fine
before one day, everything went wrong.

When i connect, It tells me connection successful but
there is this icon at the notification area that
tells me there is no network access.

After going through a countless sites, i found that i will
have to reinstall windows. Unfortunately, the problem
was not even half solved after my format and install.

i used this tool Spybot - S%D to scan my PC. it's not an
antivirus but it did the trick. After spybot did it's work
i scanned with my antivirus (avast) and surprisingly Everything
was back to normal.

You can try this but i don't guarantee anything. It just worked
for me.

See another way to do this