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Friday, March 30, 2012

No network access solved

When you try to connect to the internet and you are told some crap about not having network access, but you know you should be having it, try these:

1.  Go to the start menu and click on Connect to
2.  Open all connections
3.  Click on your connection and try to repair it.

If this does not work,

1. Right click on your connection and click on properties
2. Click on properties and choose connection settings<-- more -->
3. Choose the automatically detect IP setting

Reset your configuration

1. Open the run dialog box and enter "inetcpl.cpl" without the quotes
2. Go to the advanced tab and click restore defaults

Also, you must check your firewall to see if it does not restrict some programmes or total connection to the internet. Uninstall any third party firewall to be sure.



Have you created the con folder and are wondering how to delete
it? Here's how:

You would still need the "black window" to do this

step 1: open command prompt



Wake up one morning and the windows task manager is greyed out.
Ctrl + Alt + Del won't work. Oh God, do i have to reformat?
Definitely not. There is a way to re enable it.

In windows XP professional, vista and windows 7

1. Click run in the start menu (or windows key + R) and

2. type gpedit.msc, then click on OK

fix no network access in windows

On a thousand and one sites, there is this problem of connecting
to the internet using any method and getting the connected
message, but still cannot access the internet.

I can't boast of not experiencing this problem before but
luckily, i was able to solve mine. This is how i solved mine.
I hope this will work for you too.

I use my phone as a modem. It used to connect fine
before one day, everything went wrong.

Remove an autorun virus

We will have to start the computer in safe mode. But before that, if you are frightened, pass here, if not, let's go.

Start you computer in safe mode 

Here, windows prevent your programs from running and runs only it's
trusted programs. Now, open the media with the autorun.inf file and delete the file normally (by right clicking and selecting delete in the drop down menu).

This does not normally fail but if it does, use these methods.
If you are successful, restart your PC to enjoy your favorite apps. 

Still has problems, you can contact me for more help

make a folder that cannot be deleted

Ever mistakenly deleted some important files? Ever wanted to
prevent mistaken deletion of some files? Ever tried to make the folder  undeletable? - and all this without any success? The "saviour" is here now.

Try to create a folder normally with any of these
 name: con, aux, lpt1 - lpt9.
You should realize that it is not possible in explorer

To make a folder undeletable in windows
(no matter the version). follow
these steps:

  1. Open the "black window" (Command Prompt).
  2. To learn how to do this,
  3. see how to access the command prompt.
2. To make a directory/folder in command prompt,
the command to use is mkdir or md. Assumming the disk on which am creating the folder is E:, i type mkdir \\.\E:\con and press enter

3. Now, you have an undeletable folder into which
you can securely keep
important file (even XXX file, lol).

4. Try to delete this folder by right clicking
and pressing delete.
You'll see this is not possible

Learn how to delete this folder or Another way to make this folder

How to restore a registry back up

Editing the registry is quite dangerous and before we do that,
we should usually back up the registry. If we realize that
all did not go well after changing things with the registry,
This is how we restore the previous version that we
backed up.

Locate the file that you saved. It should have a .reg
extension. You can search for it by using the
*.reg wildcard in the search dialog box.

Double click on the file. This should bring up a prompt
for you to confirm that you want to add the keys
in the file to the registry.

NB: It is not advisable to add just any registry keys to the

Confirm the prompt if you are sure you really want to restore
the previous version.

If all things go well, You should see anothe prompt telling
you that the keys in the selected file were successfully added.

ALTERNATIVELY, you can open the registry

In the file menu, Click on import. This opens a dialog box
in which you enter the place you want to open
the back up registry file from.

Select a file, and click OK.
A prompt will inform you if you were successful or not
You're done. You can now edit the registry.

Happy tweaking

Fix "THIS COPY OF WINDOWS IS NOT GENUINE" message in simple steps

OK! Straight to the point. That boring message that appears when you start your computer telling you to 'get genuine' can easily be fixed. It at times appears at the bottom right of your screen. Follow theses steps to fix it.
1. Start your computer in safe mode

2. Open task manager and end the wgatray.exe process

3. Delete the file c:\windows\wgatray.exe

4. Delete c:\windows\system32\wgatray.exe

5. Launch regedit (or any other registry editor)

6. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WinLogon\Notify

7. Delete the wgaLogon folder

8. Restart your pc.

This process should disable the notifications, but it may return when you use automatic updates. To ensure it does not return (ever again), do these:

1. Go to control panel > security centre > automatic update settings

2. Disable automatic update of Windows Genuine Advantage Notification Tool

This should solve the problem (fully) -

Any comments/help? Put them below.

You can view another way of doing this with third party software here

Sunday, March 25, 2012

How to create your own website for free

How to create your own website for free

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upon a long search on the internet, I FOUND IT.
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ask a computer related question

Many at times, we are faced with many computer - related problems that seem to have no solutions nowhere on the internet.
Sites that allow you to ask questions almost always require you to register. If you have any question which you want to get a solution to, ask here in the comments section and an answer will be provided to you within the shortest possible time.

Would you like a post to be written on any particular topic? Add it to the comments section here.

would you like to write posts on this site? or would you like to contact me for any other reason? Mail me on and i'll get back to you on it.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Make money easily and genuinely online without resoting to cyber fraud

Money seems to be hard to come by these days.
who at all is hoarding all the money? well, we can also make our money the easy way we know, using the computer.
By this, I do not in any way suggest internet/cyber fraud. there are genuine ways of making money online.
1. affiliate programs - these programs pay you for directing people to them. some pay when the people click on a link. you can go here for some a start.

2. upload files - upload all sorts of files to the net and get payed when someone downloads them. yeah, that easy. some sites restrict the types of files. you can try at sharecash
3. get paid to take surveys - big companies will really want to know how to get even bigger and will like to hear their consumers assessments. most of these companies pay you to take surveys. you can start at toluna or daily surveypanel.

these are some ways you can make money online, just you and your pc. sharewith others.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Use your keyboard like a pro

This d*mn mouse is really killing me. How can others use these keyboard shortcuts
while i can't? where at all did they learn them from? Come on? You don't have to
attend any class to learn keyboard shortcuts. Windows has them. Below are a few useful one

Press this key
To do this
Display Help
Copy the selected item
Cut the selected item
Paste the selected item
Undo an action
Redo an action
Delete the selected item and move it to the Recycle Bin
Delete the selected item without moving it to the Recycle Bin first
Rename the selected item
Ctrl+Right Arrow
Move the cursor to the beginning of the next word
Ctrl+Left Arrow
Move the cursor to the beginning of the previous word
Ctrl+Down Arrow
Move the cursor to the beginning of the next paragraph
Ctrl+Up Arrow
Move the cursor to the beginning of the previous paragraph
Ctrl+Shift with an arrow key
Select a block of text
Shift with any arrow key
Select more than one item in a window or on the desktop, or select text within a document
Ctrl with any arrow key+Spacebar
Select multiple individual items in a window or on the desktop
Select all items in a document or window
Search for a file or folder
Display properties for the selected item
Close the active item, or exit the active program
Open the shortcut menu for the active window
Close the active document (in programs that allow you to have multiple documents open simultaneously)
Switch between open items
Use the arrow keys to switch between open items
Ctrl+Mouse scroll wheel
Change the size of icons on the desktop
Windows logo key +Tab
Cycle through programs on the taskbar by using Aero Flip 3-D
Ctrl+Windows logo key +Tab
Use the arrow keys to cycle through programs on the taskbar by using Aero Flip 3-D
Cycle through items in the order in which they were opened
Cycle through screen elements in a window or on the desktop
Display the address bar list in Windows Explorer
Display the shortcut menu for the selected item
Open the Start menu
Alt+underlined letter
Display the corresponding menu
Alt+underlined letter
Perform the menu command (or other underlined command)
Activate the menu bar in the active program
Right Arrow
Open the next menu to the right, or open a submenu
Left Arrow
Open the next menu to the left, or close a submenu
Refresh the active window
Alt+Up Arrow
View the folder one level up in Windows Explorer
Cancel the current task
Open Task Manager
Shift when you insert a CD
Prevent the CD from automatically playing

This table above was copied from the windows help and support. You can type F1 on the desktop to access the windows help and support